Shapiro Brothers are at it again!

Sheesh, it's been one heckuva ride through these times. Thank the stars for music! What have you been listening to? Gloria Gaynor has given us a comforting ear worm for the past couple years but we're ready to switch it up.

Happy to announce our first official Shapiro Brothers show of the year this April 22, 2022 at The Black Box Theater with bluegrass phenoms Unfit Wives. This hard-driving, hard-working, hot-licking harmony outfit may be unfit to wed but they're the perfect fit for our ear holes! Unfit Wives just released their latest album, "Live & Unfit" and we're so excited to hear them at this amazing, independent performance space in the historic West Bottoms of KC. If that's not enough to have you springing from your seat, joining us on bass will be KC's slap happiest bassist, Johnny Hamil. You can buy advanced tickets here: Hope to see you there!