Spring has Sprouted

The new raised bed is built and the heirloom starters are going in. The Speedwell is blooming, the creeping thyme is creeping and the blue jays have nested in the cedar. Shapiro Brothers are emerging from our Winter caves with fresh eyes, green thumbs and a vengeance. Don't be afraid. This is our normal look. Come see for yourselves at our upcoming shows, including our set at Green Guitar Folk House in Lenexa, Kansas with Mikal's full electric band, The Musical. If you like Shapiro Brothers, you'll love this electrified version with a rhythm section as juicy as a strawberry. And you don't even have to wait until summer. For more info or to reserve your seat, visit: greenguitarfolk.org.

In other news: Look for Mikal's new album release from The Musical this May. Check www.mikalshapiro.com for updates.

Chad's acoustic trio Old Sound and rock band The Supermassive Black Holes are playing near you with new releases scheduled for 2018. Click the links for details.

Until then, you can find us in the garden.